JVA Agricultural EnergisersJVA Agricultural Energisers

JVA Electric Fence energisers are designed to meet the highest demands and are manufactured with the best quality electronic components. JVA energisers are powerful yet safe, they are backed by local knowledge and a commitment to service. All agricultural energisers come with a 2 year warranty.

Note: Electric fence energisers are also known as controllers, chargers and energizers.

JVA energisers are micro-processor controlled for years of trouble free precise control and conform to the strictest international safety standards. From the RSG1 (an innovative self contained rechargeable unit) to the 12 Joule B12, all JVA energisers are ready to power your fences for years to come. All energisers come with a 2 Year warranty.

Portable Agricultural Energisers JVA Portable Energisers

The RSG1 - rechargeable strip grazer.
This is a portable 0.1 Joule energiser with a built in rechargeable battery, suitable for strip grazing and temporary tape fences up to 1km.
The RSG1 is packaged with both a 240V mains power adaptor and a 12V "cigarette" adaptor to recharge it. It will run for two weeks between charges.

Solar powered agricultural energisers JVA Solar powered energisers

The SV2 - portable solar powered strip grazer.
With 0.2J it will power approximately 2km of fence wire or tape.
The SV2 has a high quality crystalline solar panel to ensure that the in-built battery will never run flat when placed in a sunny position.

240 V Agricultural Energisers JVA 240 V Energisers

M1.5 and M3.0 - small to medium energisers.
Rated at 1.5 and 3.0 Joules output respectively, these are suitable for small to medium farms and are able to power up to approximately 30km of fence.
The tough o-ring sealed ABS case will resist moisture and ants.
Tested and Approved to safety standard AS/NZS 60335.2.76.
The M1.5/3.0 contain power line surge protection and lightning protection.

Multi-powered Agricultural energisers JVA Multi-powered energisers

The MB4.5 has 4.5 Joules output energy per pulse to power approximately 45km of fence.

This innovative design means you can have versatile portable power from a 12V battery when needed, or run it from 240Vac mains electricity where that is available.

Cruiser Series Agricultural Energisers JVA Cruiser Series Energisers

The B8 and B12 have 8 and 12 Joules output energy respectively.

The LCD displays fence voltage and Joules.