The StapleloK® system

Eurofences fencing system is built around the patented StapleloK® post.

StapleloK has an easy connecting system consisting of a slotted post side into which the fittings are driven, using an ordinary hammer.

The StapleloK® system gives less than half the mounting time!

The post has a tapered tip. It can often be hand-driven directly into firm ground.

Flexible high-tensile steel design makes the post non-collapsible under considerable force.

Magnelis® treatment, at least 4 times more durable than galvanisation. 20 years' corrosion guarantee is offered.

Compact and lightweight makes handling, transportation and storage easy.

StapleloK® is easy to dismount - and reuse over and over!

Environment friendly.

StapleloK® may also be used as a building element in different constructions, such as green-houses, poultry houses, shelves and displays.